Things I’m Reading for School (May 2019)

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Well, I haven’t really blogged much since I’ve been giving much of time lately to reading and shepherding. Still, I thought I’d do a few blogs on things I’m learning and some simple take aways.

THINGS I’M READING FOR SCHOOL: Currently, I am attempting to wrap up my Th.M studies at The Master’s Seminary. Part of my final requirements is a class on dispensational theology. We are reading a good amount of books that I have found interesting, challenging, and thought-provoking. Here’s a list of what I’m reading.

Image result for progressive dispensationalism blaising bock

Blaising, Craig A. and Darrel L. Bock. Progressive Dispensaitonalism. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1993.

Image result for dispensationalism before darby

Watson, William C. Dispensationalism before Darby: Seventeenth Century and Eighteenth Century English Apocalypticism. Silverton, OR: Lampion Press, 2015.

Image result for progressive dispensationalism blaising bockBlaising, Craig A. and Darrell L. Bock, eds. Dispensationalism, Israel and the Church: The Search for Definition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010.

Image result for continuity and discontinuity feinberg

Feinberg, John S., ed. Continuity and…

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