CT Caves to Pressure


downloadI never met Rachel Held Evans, and have, to my knowledge, never read any of her work, except possibly for a blog here or there. I was saddened to hear of her death, as I would be of any young popular Christian writer. I also read the article that Christianity Today posted by John Stonestreet, her former teacher at Bryan College, where she received her degree.

When I read the article by Stonestreet, I sensed the awkwardness of the article. He was attempting to eulogize in an appropriate way a former student whom he respected but who had clearly gone in different theological directions than her Bryan College days. Indeed, Evans is known for her progressive views, at least so far as traditional evangelicalism is concerned.

However, I was later surprised to read an editorial also posted on the CT website in which the editor of the magazine, Mark Galliā€¦

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