His eye is on the sparrow

Really. What would be the point or purpose for darkness?

We need the rhythm of light and darkness in this physical world, for the purpose of having a cycle of activity and restfulness, for the sake of mental and physical rejuvenation and reparation.

Those who have not been “cleared” of sin need darkness to hide their deeds within. To wrap around themselves like a shroud of invisibility. Deception. Deceitfulness. Lying. Treachery. After they practice such things and become emboldened, the darkness is no longer deep enough, wide enough nor dark enough. They bring their guile into the open daylight. Considering themselves wily enough to operate with impunity. There they are undone. Discovered. Realized. Caught. Captured. Arrested. The “uncleared” have no light in them and they want no more to do with the light without.

There will be none such in the Eternal Light. Neither would they desire any such endless…

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