Three Ways to Get More Out of Your Devotion Time with God

Theology in Motion

My usual process of spending time with God used to be to jump right into praying or reading Scripture. But there were so many times when I felt like I something was off. And then it hit me.

What if the problem was from my lack of preparation?

What if my prayer time was short because my mind was wandering around all over the place? And does how I am feeling at the moment impact my time with God?

I think it does. If I didn’t get much sleep last night, then I probably won’t be very enthusiastic about studying the Bible.

I want to offer three simple practices that I use to prepare my mind, heart, and body before spending time with God.

1. Enter into the Present Moment

Before we pray or read Scripture, we must be able to lay aside our busy lives and worries to enter…

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