Laced up Lutheran

It’s easy to lose hope. Just look around and the reality of our world comes crashing down on us. The word that I have been pondering lately is this:


That’s how so much of what is happening feels. Relentless. As in there is no rest. It is constant. It takes no breaks. It is comes from multiple directions at once. And demands complete surrender or extinction. Relentless.

Relentless is the most appropriate word I can think of right now. Evil is relentless. It doesn’t know what rest is. Evil demands production and tells us the lie that our value and worth is tied up in what we produce. “Make more bricks.” And when we do, evil doesn’t care – it’s never enough. Evil can never be satisfied. It focuses on what we lack, not who we are.

Relentless as in it’s all or nothing. Relentless as in only the…

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