First-Century Mark Continues to Raise Questions


The supposed first-century Mark fragment—now shown to be second or third century (P.Oxy. 5345; vol. 83; P137)—continues to raise questions throughout the blogosphere.

After many blog postings and side discussions, including circulation of a supposed contract between Dirk Obbink and Hobby Lobby regarding selling some papyri, possibly the Mark fragment, a number of parties owe the scholarly world a full and complete explanation of the facts surrounding this fragment.

Full, candid, and forthright explanations are required from: The Green Family, Hobby Lobby Stores, or the Museum of the Bible (they amount to the same), who appear to have tried to buy the fragment or something like it; Dirk Obbink, who appears to have tried to sell it; and the Egypt Exploration Society, who claim they own it and never put it up for sale.

We would also recommend that all the others who are or have been implicated in this…

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