Twisted Tuesday – Are You Legalistic?

Tulips & Honey

My friends, if you proclaim the Gospel to enough people you will eventually be called a legalistic Christian. Why? Well, you’re calling people to repent from their sins. The only problem is, we don’t live in a society that understands sin or the Law. We live in a postmodern era filled with generations that have no idea how holy God is. They see Jesus as a good man, a buddy, that just loves to love everyone regardless of their sin and blasphemy. That means we inevitably end up explaining these things, the sin against God by breaking His Ten Commandments, and the thrice holy God that is infinite, just, and righteous. At that point, unless God no longer needs to work patience in you, a professing believer will step in and label your message one of legalism. But what does that word mean? Are we even using it correctly?


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