The Plan: Interviews, Courses, and Patreon

Fresh Ground Theology

So this week is a bit of a house keeping podcast. I’d like to expand Fresh Ground Theology and get more people aware of what were doing. I’ve got several ideas that I want your feed back from!

  1. I want to interview students and read more papers on this podcast. The idea here is to ask them about why and how they got into theology. I want to bring the personal side to theology that you don’t often hear. Also, I want to take more their papers and present them on the show. That way their research does not die in the back of a filling cabinate somewhere.
  2. I want to launch a course on How to Do Theology. My goal is to make a course that presents a simple way to do theology. In order to create the show, I’m going to interview teachers and theologians on how the…

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