Sharing Christ with atheists — Running The Race

Reasoned Cases for Christ

Spoiler Alert: I’m preceding the repost of this excellent article with a relatively short blurb of my own. My apology for throwing in my own two cents onto this repost, but it seemed like an opportune time to quickly address something that I personally consider vitally important when witnessing to others.

A LOT of relatively new Christians continue to make the same mistakes that I and many others have made in the past when addressing non-believers, either in face to face discussions or with exchanges on various multi-media social interaction sites. Many years ago Jesus taught me a most valuable lesson that you can read about here if you’d like. We may not realize it but how we frame the information we put out on the Internet or in face to face discussions, plays a large part on how it is received. Generally speaking, when you accuse non-believers…

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