Grasping the need

Laced up Lutheran

“…genuine grief and lament is a sign of repentance. Grief is the doorway to repentance. Without grief we will not come anywhere near comprehending the depth of the problem nor will we have a profound enough grasp of our need to repent. Unless we enter into that place of grief, it is too easy to just jump into solutions without having realized the depth of our sin. And if we haven’t recognized the depth of our sin, we will think that our lives are shaped by our choices rather than our habits and ever our addictions. It will be too easy to thing that if we just tweak our behavior here and there, things will change. And any solutions that assume our choices are the only problem will be shallow. “

(Excerpt taken from pg. 176, of Romans Disarmed, by Sylvia Keesmaat and Brian Walsh, 2019.)

We do confession…

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