No imagination necessary

The Lions Den

(Heard a short lecture by the self made guru of godlessness Hitchens, and how his disciples hang on his every word;  I’m impressed at his level of abhorrence for all religion in general, and for God’s word in particular. His arguments are so lousy and lame, it’s a shame he cannot connect the dots of life as his words are painful to hear, so this Bud’s for him and his clones.)

Imagine if you will a world where there is no rain, no water, no rivers, no lakes, no oceans, no trees, no dirt, no fruit, no song birds, no bees, no dogs, no sun, no moon, no stars, no love, no joy, no sand, no camel, no prairie, no lion, no snow, no Everest, no heat, no cold, can you imagine these things NOT being?

Can you conceive of no male or female, no man or woman, no north…

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