Bareknuckle Bible

You’d hardly believe a drive-in theater sat on the corner I just drove by.  Showtown, as it was called, is now engulfed in a jungle of ivy, its two screens nothing but green lumps.  All that remains to the naked eye is a giant marquis you used to pass when entering.  

I was there with my parents a handful of times, but the most notable (and last for me), was 1977, the year of Smokey and the Bandit.  That night Showtown was packed to capacity, as Burt Reynolds played ‘the Bandit’ and drove his super cool Trans Am with cute Sally Field in attendance.  

After the movie, the traffic out of the place was like nothing this small town boy had ever seen.  Taillights looked like Christmas lights strung all the way across the O.K. Allen Bridge into neighboring Pineville.  

While everyone was creeping along in that sluggish procession…

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