David Ettinger

This is a fictional story of the biblical

A Day of Dread
It had been the longest day of Claudia Procula’s life, and yet she couldn’t understand why.

She had a dream
that disturbed her, but who was she to be dreaming about Jewish rabbis and
whether or not they were innocent or guilty? As the wife of Pontius Pilate, the
governor of Judea, she never made it a point to get involved with politics, but
often found herself invited to do so.

During his four
years in Israel, Pilate had come to trust his wife, bouncing the tensions and
frustrations of his long days off her when he arrived home. She was wise and he
valued her opinion.

“Would you have done the same thing, Claudia?”
he would ask, not seeking her blind allegiance but her true judgment. Her
discernment comforted him; it was the…

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