Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

When we accept Jesus as our Master and commit to be a disciple, we are ecstatic. Joy is ours beyond belief. Jesus has paid the price we owe for missing God’s goals. We have been redeemed. Amazing! I am doing a happy dance.

The word atonement means “reconciliation, brought back into fellowship with God.” The term is mentioned also in Romans 5:10. In Romans 1:18–32, Paul explained how men declared war on God and, because of this, deserved to be condemned eternally.

But God did not declare war on man. Instead, He sent His Son as the Peacemaker that men might be reconciled to God. That is good news and brings joy to our souls.

A review of our blessings of justification shows how certain our salvation is in Jesus. Totally apart from Law, and purely by grace, we have a salvation that takes care of the past, the present…

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