Elihu's Corner

It’s one of the great ironies of life—while many loving things are hibernating or slowing down, we humans kick up the pace.

Everyone I’ve talked to is moving at break-neck speed. If there aren’t school activities, concerts, or sports events, there are heightened needs at work. All the while, the pressure to prepare for the holidays hangs persistently over everything. Where I live, many people started hanging Christmas decorations the day after Halloween.

Y’all, I love Christmas and its decor too, but we just aren’t there yet. Unless you’ve got family coming to celebrate both holidays, enjoy the one that’s nearest before plunging into the next one. Life goes by fast enough without attempting to rush ahead.

We are in such a hurry to get to the next holiday/vacation/weekend and we don’t understand why we are failing to find joy in today. We live life as though the “good life”…

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