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Family devotions are hard. Though the spirit is willing to do family devotions, the flesh and our calendars are weak. The kids are busy with homework, overtime at work can kill our stamina, and the football game is just too good to put down.

It is our tendency to over complicating family devotions. We feel as though we need to plan three point sermons, puppet shows, or orchestrate an entire worship service for our family, but the solution is very simple. For us to have more success in the area of family worship, we need a simpler and more sustainable approach.

The Charles and Susannah  Spurgeon had practiced a historical formula for family devotions that the puritan Matthew Henry had practiced. Kay Rhodes her book titled Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon, gives the Spurgeon approach toward family worship:

“Family Bible reading and prayer were a priority for…

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