Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

The book of Nehemiah reveals that the people of God in the post-exilic community had a great passion, the restoration of the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 1-6 deals primarily with the architectural reparation of the city. Nehemiah 7 deals with organization of the population who had returned from Babylon. Nehemiah 8-10 deals with the spiritual restoration of the community.

Jeff Griffin
Senior Pastor
The Compass Church

Nehemiah 8 deals with the reading of the Torah by Ezra. The Levites instructed the people how to obey the Law and how to worship God. In Nehemiah 9 the community gathered for a ceremony in which Nehemiah confessed their sins and their rebellion against God. The ceremony ended when the community signed a binding agreement which the leaders and the people swore to uphold.

After the ceremony in which the people confessed their sins, the community made a commitment to God: “In view…

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