Conflicting Paradigm Shifts

Reasoned Cases For Christ

I’m going to ask you to cut me a little slack on this post. Sometimes I “see” something in Scripture and by writing it out it helps me understand it a little clearer, what it is that I actually”see”. So, in essence, I’m writing this for myself, but maybe it might be of interest to others.

A biblical paradigmcould loosely be defined as a distinct set of concepts, thought patterns or standards for what constitutes legitimate parameters or guidelines on a particular subject. A good example of a paradigm shift would be in the Old Testament where God’s people are exclusively identified as those who are associated with the tribes of Israel and in the New Testament, God’s people now includes people from all of the various nations of the world (Jews and Gentiles). Understanding the applicability of each particular paradigm obviously becomes critical, when the Church, the body of…

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