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The Lions Den

Don’t you so tire of hearing the age old charge that Christianity is the root of hatred and ‘death to the Jews?’ I do.

I believe that narrow minds are responsible for the perpetuating of such an idea. Not that said people can’t be smart in other areas, but insofar as this claim, the claim that a good ‘religion’ is the sole reason WHY antisemitism thrives and survives, I will instantly prove this narrative a simple dream of lazy minds.

But the real root is ALWAYS missed, and that is WHY a man seeks to kill and destroy another human being, regardless of the race. Which is worse, killing one man, or a hundred? The mother of Abel would beg to differ if you told her that her son’s killer would kill 90 more. So? I’m interested in MY son.

But it was the Creator’s initiative to call out a…

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