Grace for my Heart

It’s Monday Grace!


I value honesty. Sometimes the answer is, “No.” “No, I am not happy.” Relationships hurt. Bodies hurt. Life hurts. Happiness is an emotion that can easily be crowded out by other emotions. Fear, anger, sadness, worry—these push our happiness into the background.

Someone once said that happiness is based on what’s happening. In other words, it comes and goes with our circumstances. Even more, it comes and goes with our focus. We can be working to juggle finances with anxiety and frustration, then look up and watch the kids playing and be happy. Then we can look back to the money situation and begin to worry again. Happiness comes and goes. No one is happy all the time.

But joy! Joy is something different. Joy is not based on our circumstances, but on relationships and truth. Those who know Jesus and understand what He has done…

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