Vatican Library Website on Greek Palaeography

Variant Readings

Thanks to Gregg Schwendner for drawing my attention to the Vatican Library website on Greek palaeography prepared by Timothy Janz, scriptor graecus and director of the printed books department of the Vatican Library. The site has an excellent discussion of the history and practice of Greek palaeography and is, as you might expect, very well illustrated.

Especially noteworthy is Janz’s evaluation of the developmental schema for the “Biblical Majuscule” most closely associated with Guglielmo Cavallo. Note Janz’s comments in the second paragraph and at the end of this quotation:

“A defining moment in the history of Greek paleography was the publication in 1967 of Guglielmo Cavallo’s book Ricerche sulla maiuscola biblica. … [I]t was a methodological manifesto, explicitly invoking a theory about how scripts develop and change (namely, the one set forth in G. Cencetti’s book Lineamenti di storia della scrittura latina, esp. pp. 51-56)…

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