Daniel 1:1-7 – Why was Daniel Taken to Babylon?

Reading Acts

Daniel and the other three young men were brought to Babylon in the first deportation for the express purpose of being trained to serve the Babylonian government. The young men were from the royal family and nobility. According to Josephus, Daniel and the other boys were from the family of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. Although not specifically stated, there may have been other Judeans in this training as well as young men from other territory controlled by Babylon.

Why train young men from the nobility? Babylon wants to prepare administrators trained to rule the Jews in captivity. The goal is for the young men to become loyal to Babylon and dependent on the Babylonian government for everything. This training is an honor, even if it is an attempt to integrate the leadership of Israel into the culture of Babylon. Daniel and his three friends are the best that…

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