Up until that time, Jesus was nothing more than a nuisance to the rulers of the Sanhedrin, but once this so called blasphemer had raised Lazarus from the grave, He became much more.  Now He was a definite threat to all those in control of the church.

Caiphas was the acting high priest of Judaea. His father in law held the title from the time of Quirinius, when the Romans took over rule of the Jews. The Jews venerated their priests. Things were rapidly changing from a political standpoint. The Pharisees and Sadducees were still allowed to worship as they wished, but now there was this new fellow who was stirring things up among the people.

The council was convinced that the people were beginning to believe in Jesus. They felt if Jesus were allowed to continue, the Romans would come and take away their place and nation.

Caiphas replied…

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