10 thoughts on “The Sixth Trumpet:  An Uncountable Army – Revelation 9:13-21 — Reading Acts

  1. I used to follow Reading Acts, but it seems to draw from extra Biblical apocryphal (Mormon) sources, so I’ve unfollowed now…


    • Mormons may use (in terms of their view of the cannon) the apocryphal along with others, however when looking at the Jewish (Greek) writings of the Second Temple Period you see theological similarities when compared to the New Testament. That shouldn’t define one’s salvation.


      • According to Revelation 22:18-19, if we don’t correctly define what Holy Scriptures are, we’re on shaky ground!


      • Well if adding to Scripture is wrong, whether apocraphally or Mormonly, then we shouldn’t do it. If we’re to be disciples of God and His word, we need to be able to define God’s word.


      • I don’t think the Apocrypha is canonical. Some of it’s fine as history perhaps but not as God’s word.


      • I believe the Bible to be sufficient to spiritually interpret the present and the future, without putting apocryphal stuff on some kind of prophetic par with God’s word.


      • I’ve read into his blog and humbly realise he’s not a Mormon, pardon my ignorance! Having said that, I wouldn’t personally read extra-Biblical stuff as prophetic stuff. Historical maybe, but not prophetic. Having said that, to be fair to him, I think he’s using extra Biblical material to help him interpret prophetic Biblical material. So I repent! I’m not an academic so I tend to just stick with the Bible, but of course there’s nothing wrong with contextualising the Bible historically.

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