Fresh Ground Theology

During the transition from paganism to Christianity in the Roman empire, Eusebius of Caesarea became a significant player in controversies at that time. He took part in the debate over the deity of Christ and engaged extensively with pagan philosophies during his life time. ย Several of his works survive till modern time, displaying his meticulous scholarly mind.


While many of his works survive, not much is known, however, about his personal life. At one point, one of his successors wrote a biography of his life, but this work is no longer extant. What is known about his has been cobbled together from several sources.

His Life

He was born around AD 260, presumably in Caesarea Marittima. His education began under Pamphilus, who became his lifelong friend and mentor. In addition, he had access to one of the most significant libraries in Christian circles at that time, which wasโ€ฆ

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