Grace for my Heart

It’s Monday Grace!

Why is shame such a part of the performance system? You know what I mean. Certain actions make a person unacceptable. Those who do them are supposed to feel that rejection, that disgrace. Certain lifestyles, choices, histories, are said to be shameful. The church, particularly the performance-based church, wants people to feel the shame that goes with these choices.

But it isn’t enough for the church to use shame as a deterrent. Some seem to use shame as an anchor to hold others in their place. If you have been divorced. If you had a baby without a husband. If you made a wrong decision at some point in life, the system labels you and keeps you in that place. You are made to feel unworthy of acceptance.

Shame is a tool. It establishes and supports a type of hierarchy within the church. It allows classifications of…

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