Kings David and Solomon: Lightyears Apart

By David Ettinger

Nothing Alike
When King David heard the news that his beloved friend Jonathan and Jonathan’s father, King Saul, were dead, he wrote a stirring lament to them. One of the lines of that lament reads, “How the mighty have fallen” (2 Samuel 1:19).


These words, written favorably of its subjects, can as aptly apply – in its most negative sense – to David’s 10th son, Solomon. It is quite possible that no other personality in all of Scripture had started off so stunningly magnificent and ended up so miserably wretched. It is doubtful that anyone in the Bible had fallen as much as Solomon.

A Matter of the Heart
Why? How could Solomon have stumbled so greatly where his father, though sinful and flawed, held fast to his faith until the day of his death? The answer lies in the heart, and Solomon’s was oceans removed from…

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