Fresh Ground Theology

Book Eight: The Polity of the Jews According to Moses

Eusebius moves to the establishment of the Hebrew nation my Moses. At first, he digresses to discuss the providence of God in the translation of the Hebrew oracles into Greek (p. 358).  After this digression, he argues that laws of Israel were written on two different levels: the literal and the philosophical/allegorical (p. 409). The literal form of the law was for the Jewish masses and relegated to a certain time and place and thus not for all people (p. 358). But the philosophical aspects of the law were to be followed, as they were championed by the Jewish philosophers such as Philo (p. 409). And these philosophers, according to Eusebius, were in complete harmony with the ancient Hebrews (p. 415). Therefore, since these men (both ancient and modern) established pious judgments concerning God, Christians included the Hebrew’s holy writings…

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