16th May 1905 Birth of Werner Georg Kümmel, Giant of New Testament Scholarship, 3/8 Jewish #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

When I began studying Theology in the 1970s Werner Kümmel’s encyclopedic “Introduction to the New Testament” was a formidable tome to master when cutting one’s teeth in the standard first essay on the Synoptic Problem – the relationships, relative dating, and authorship of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

9780334007135: Introduction to the New Testament - AbeBooks ...

I little realised that Kümmel was a Jewish disciple of Yeshua, or at least, according to the Nurermberg Laws passed by the National Socialists, 3/8 Jewish. Whilst  he came from a German family famous for its learning in the arts and sciences, and his father before him was a pioneering  researcher in medicine, Kümmel’s paternal grandfather, historian Heinrich Ulmann, was fully Jewish, and his wife reckoned as “half-Jewish”. His mother was born before his grandparents ‘converted’ and was not baptised till later.

According to the National Socialists, his mother was 75% “non-Aryan” and he was three-eighth’s Jewish. He was therefore not a “half-Jew”…

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