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This is a quick take on spiritual gifts. The post contains just several biblical observations on spiritual gifts along with some free resources on how to discover your spiritual gift.

Quick Observations on Spiritual Gifts

Awhile back, we had a men’s discussion group on the main spiritual gifts passages in the New Testament. We conducted observations about the things that are clearly true about spiritual gifts in Scripture. These are only observations and not an exhaustive study of the entire discussion and interpretive issues (e.g. the debate between continuationism vs cessationism).

The List:

Romans 12:6-8Spiritual Gifts Listed: (1) Prophecy, (2) Service (v. 7), (3) Teaching (v. 7), (4) Exhorting (v. 8), (5) Giving (v. 8), (6) Leading (v. 8), (7) Mercy (v. 8)

1 Peter 4:10-11Spiritual Gifts Listed: (1) Speaking (v. 11), (2) Service (v. 11)

Ephesians 4:7-16Spiritual Gifts Listed: (1)…

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