Your Life in Christ: From Shepherd to Monarch

By David Ettinger

Called to Reign
Do you know that as a Christian you have been called to reign? There are a number of verses that confirm this. However, before you begin shopping for regal robes, remember that your reign will begin when Christ establishes His Millennial (1,000-year) Kingdom. For now, though, it is good to remember what you once were – a lonely, isolated shepherd.

This spiritual nugget is derived from 2 Kings Chapter 7, where God promises David an everlasting kingdom. This chapter is filled with messianic significance, but this is not our focus. Rather, I reference the opening sentence of God’s decree to David: “I took you from the pasture, from tending the flock, and appointed you ruler over my people Israel” (2 Samuel 7:8).

It is as if God is saying, “David, I have made you a ruler of men and nations and have blessed you…

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