Jesus Calls Disciples

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John 1:36-51

This section deals with the call of disciples of Jesus.  It is interesting to note that this concept has its beginning as a reaction to the testimony of John, as opposed to any sort of dramatic event.  None of them had angelic messages or voices from on high; they simply reacted to the person of Jesus Christ.  Why is that noteworthy?  Because that is exactly how you and I are “called”.  I’ve never met a man who claimed that he was a follower of Christ because he had experienced a personal audience with an angel, prophet or indeed God Himself.  He simply reacted to who Jesus is.

John’s story of the calling of disciples begins in verses 35-42; taking it as a whole, we see two main components, the first being John’s testimony that Jesus was the “Lamb of God.”  This is the confession that marks the difference…

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