The Seventh Lap

Many of us were called to participate in the Jericho Prayer marches last week. Dr. Taylor Marshall, a noteworthy Catholic scholar and apologist, added greatly to the momentum of these prophetic acts. To clarify, a prophetic act is not just fore-telling or calling our broken Churches and societies to repentance. Sometimes Our Lord wants to […]

The Seventh Lap

One thought on “The Seventh Lap

  1. Thanks for the reblog Vincent! I’m always challenged and inspired by your posts…and the continuous flow. Unfortunately, I’m quarantined for two weeks because my wife fell ill with C-19. She fought through it in about 3 days, and is much better. I hope to use some of this time, when I’m not caregiving, (I also have 3 daughters at home and my mother lives with us), to spend time writing and meditating on history with the Lord. Blessings on you! You add so much depth to the Scriptures!


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