Book Review: The Care of Souls (Harold Senkbeil)


Pastoring is more than just preaching a sermon, more than having board meetings, planning events, having Bible studies, counseling members, or visiting the sick. One can’t do all of this without being in a close relationship with God, which means that they have to change. Harold Senkbeil, who has almost fifty years of pastoral experience, has written the award-winning The Care of Souls, a book about cultivating a pastor’s heart. The pastor preaches and lives out God’s word and seeks to orient others to live according to his Word. 

2020 Christianity Today Book Award Winner for Church/Pastoral Leadership
2019 TGC Ministry Book of the Year Winner
2020 ECPA Christian Book Award Winner for Ministry Resources.

Senkbeil covers topics like how the pastor diagnoses (ch 3) and treats (and cares for) souls (4), how he shepherds (5), how he draws near to God (8), how he fights the spiritual battle…

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