Greatest Heresy of All Time? Just War Doctrine?


By Jon Kauffman

Has the Just War doctrine created more division, hatred and heretics in the church than any other doctrine?

Who is more heretical? A Mennonite who causes his church to divide arguing about the color of carpet or a person killing our brothers and sisters in Christ because the government told them they were fighting a just war and needed to kill these Christians?

I recently read an article by Frank Viola and Greg Boyd, “Who are the Real Heretics.”

Viola and Boyd say that in the New Testament, “If a person divided a genuine church, they were guilty of heresy. Consequently, a person could be a heretic with the truth!”1

Many people who ascribe to the Just War Doctrine are not heretics, but the Just War Doctrine causes a situation that creates heretics.

What doctrine has created a situation where more Christians kill each other?…

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