Moving this Blog

Deus Ex Machina

So after a long hiatus, I intend to return back to more blogging.

This is largely due to the fact that my Facebook account, upon which has been my main forum of discussion, has been zucked without warning permanently. It has been disabled without warning except for having violated community rules, but they did not specify which post was it that was guilty of this.

What I most regret about that is not only the lost contacts and pictures which are now irretrievably lost, but also all my missives and posts which I’ve made there.

So in this spirit of paranoia, I’ve decided to move this blog over to my own synology hosted website stored on my own drive here. I’m still migrating a lot of posts and figuring ironing out the design, but I’ll definitely be returning to posting here more often to prevent it from being zucked…

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