Some Thoughts on the Beginning of Acts (verses 1:1-11)

The beginning of Luke’s second letter to Theophilus links back to his first letter to him by revisiting some previously written about details (like the two men in white clothes, Acts 1:10/Luke 24:4), in order to keep the flow of thought continuous and familiar. Luke starts part 2 by reiterating that the “first narrative” was “about all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day He was taken up.” (Acts 1:1, HCSB) He then picks up right where he had left off, reminding the reader about the mindset of the apostles… that they still where not really getting it, and that they where still looking for some great and triumphant military like restoration of Israel (Acts 1:6/Luke 21:5-7). But, that’s not what our Lord had in mind. Instead, the coming kingdom was about a change of heart and a…

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