Book Review: Cultural Engagement (Chatraw/Prior)


With the state of affairs in America, fewer and fewer are able to hold a decent conversation with someone who disagrees with them (especially if it’s on social media). Josh Chatraw and Karen Swallow Prior have produced a resource full of essays so that we could learn how others think and be better prepared for future conversations where we will disagree with others. The topics are:

  1. sexuality
  2. gender roles
  3. human life and reproductive technology
  4. immigration and race
  5. creation and creature care
  6. politics
  7. work
  8. arts
  9. war, weapons, and capital punishment

Who has time to read books on each of  these subjects? This book helps us to see what people think and why they think it while pointing us forward to more books on the topics at hand.

Each section brings scholars from different viewpoints together to explain their personal beliefs about a particular topic. Each of these topics contains between five…

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