2 Chronicles 11

Bible Observations

This chapter shows how Rehoboam secured his kingdom. The first thing that I notice is that this chapter makes mention that the kingdom of Rehoboam is composed of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. This is rather relevant because in most accounts of these events, the tribe of Benjamin is not mentioned. For the most part, the only tribe mentioned is the tribe of Judah.

The second thing that I see is that before Rehoboam starts fortifying the cities of Judah and Benjamin, he rallies up the troops to go up against Israel to try to restore the kingdom as it was under Solomon. God sent Shemaiah to give word to the king to no go up against relatives because God caused the division between Israel and Judah.

Rehoboam built Bethlehem, Etam, Tekoa, Beth-zur, Soco, Adullam, Gath, Mareshah, Ziph, Adoraim, Lachish, Azekah, Zorah, Aihalon, and Hebron. These cities he fortified…

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