Christ’s Appearing: Public or Private?

Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher

It is known that one day Jesus shall return. But when he shall return, no one knows.

“ But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no not the Angels of heaven, but my father only.” (Mt 24:36 GenevaBible)

People should notice that even Jesus did not know when he would come back to earth. Him not being God, knows that such knowledge only belongs to God and as such he has to accept it also not to know it.

From the words Jesus spoke when he was on earth, he gave parables which give an indication that we should be prepared and should be looking for the signs we would be able to recognise.
We are told that Jesus would return in the last days, he will even have us come out and greet him through a human cry of, “the bridegroom comes.”

“And at midnight there…

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