What does it mean that Jesus is the Christ?

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“Christ” means “Messiah” or “anointed one”. As the Messiah, Jesus is the one who fulfills all old testament expectations. We must recognize Jesus as King (the anointed one) of God’s country.

Christ, the Messiah, is a title, not a name.

Simon Peter answered, You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.

Matthew 16:16

In Hebrew, MESSIAH מָשִׁיַח, (mashiyach) means “anointed” or “an anointed one”. Rendered into Greek as Χριστός (christos), or a verb χρίω (chriō, “to anoint”). In this sense, it is essentially the same to say that Jesus is “Messiah,” or “the Messiah.”

In Bible translations, sometimes it is Yeshua [Jesus] the Christ (used as a title) and sometimes it is Jesus Christ, appearing to be a name. In all cases, it is a title and not a name. I try to be consistent in using the title “the Messiah”. I don’t think most…

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