Baptists and Everlasting Retribution

Eclectic Orthodoxy

I just learned that Dr Zach Manis, whose book Sinners in the Presence of a Loving God I reviewed two years ago, has lost his tenured position at Southwest Baptist Uni­ver­sity, due in part (some speculate) to his controversial views on eternal damnation.

“Is he a universalist?”


“An annihilationist then?”

Nope, not that either.

“Then what’s the controversy about?”

Manis is a critic of the traditional view that God everlastingly punishes the reprobate as an expression of his retributive justice. He personally advocates a view similar to the “river of fire” construal taught by many Orthodox priests today. I guess this means that by Baptist standards, the Orthodox are heterodox. Needless to say, the Orthodox aren’t going to lose any sleep.

I truly regret this has happened to Zach. I have enjoyed email correspondence with him over the past several years. He is a thoughtful philosopher…

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