St. Joseph, Our Holy Patron SacredHymns

Holy patron! thee saluting
Here we meet, with hearts sincere;
Blest Saint Joseph, all, uniting,
Call on thee to hear our prayer.

Happy Saint, in bliss adoring
Jesus Saviour of mankind,
Hear thy children thee imploring,
May we thy protection find.

Worldly dangers for them fearing,
Youthful hearts to thee we bring;
Grant, in virtue persevering,
Vice may ne’er their bosom sting.

Thou, who faithfully attended
Him, Whom heaven and earth adore;
Who with pious care defended
Mary, Virgin ever pure.

May our fervent prayers ascending
Move thee for our souls to plead;
May thy smile of peace descending
Benedictions on us shed.

Through this life, oh! watch around us,
Fill with love our every breath;
And, when parting fear surrounds us,
Guide us through the toils of death.

E. F. MacGonigle, The Sodalist’s Hymnal (Philadelphia: E. F. MacGonigle, 1887).


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