Book Review: Reflect (Thaddeus Williams)


“Trust yourself.” “Follow your heart.” “Just be yourself.” “You do you.” “Be your best self.”

These kinds of phrases are often given to others as an encouragement to not follow the status quo but to be original. Be who you are. Be yourself. Be your best self, in fact. But how does one become their best self? With the millions of voices out on the internet, blogs, podcasts, twitter accounts, who do we follow to be our best selves? We should be original, but we need some help too, don’t we? In his book, Reflect, Thaddeus Williams points us to someone who is more like the sun than Pluto.

Allow me to explain.

Williams begins his book by having the reader imagine they’re going to meet their future self. You step into a cube of glass and immediately begin seeing all of you past and future thoughts, plans, ideas…

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