Will God make everything come out right? Will God put victims back on their feet?

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

This Victim Mentality Has To Stop! - Dave Ramsey Rant | Talk 1370am

There is something horribly wrong with a “victim mentality”. It is a complete and total mistrust of God. God is in control. Jesus is King of God’s universe.

Am I blaming others for what is happening to me? I need to get right with God, confess I miss His goal for my life (aka sin) and trust in Jesus. Jesus is the WAY to God.

God is in a good mood. He loves us and wants the best for us. God makes everything come out right. Not a few things. Not things occasionally. He is the God of making everything RIGHT.

How easy it is though to not trust God and wallow in our misery. Too easy some days. I can see clearly what He isn’t doing in my life. I am happy however when I focus on what God is doing.

So … God makes everything come out right. That is…

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