Living in the End Times ~ Part 10

For my Catholic friends in Christ.

Evangelization Apostolate of God's Divine Love and Mercy

Living in the End Times

Being a Christian people, we are filled with a hope which peoples of other faith persuasions do not necessarily share. For we have a God who has gifted us with a faith in something unbelievably grander and a splendor infinitely far beyond anything this life has to offer on Earth!

In our last episode (Part 9), we reflected upon the first two subjects in our eschatological study of the End Times – Death and Judgment.

In this continuing series on “Living in the End Times”, I would like to spend some time today reflecting upon what the Catholic Church teaches concerning the last two subjects of the Four Last Things – Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.



Over the centuries, there have been many artists who have tried to conceptualize how Heaven would appear, but no one has ever been able…

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