Miso Gyny 2

See, there's this thing called biology...

Perhaps I was too subtle, too indirect and soft worded in ”miso gyny” the other day, so I shall attempt to cut to the chase and keep it simple. Do not equate cowardly behavior with being female. Why? It’s degrading to women, it’s a failure to observe the nature of the world around you, and ironically it tends to produce even weaker men.

Why? I don’t know “why,” but there is some well documented research that demonstrates exactly that and I have born witness to it in a thousands different ways.

Right on schedule, with almost comedic synchronicity, Pastor Wilson just released a video that provides a perfect example of what I am speaking of called, “Advice for Christians in the coming Decade.” He says somewhere around the 4:24 mark, ”We’re debating with people who think you’re a girl.”

If you wish to spend the coming decades swirling the…

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