Should we be ecstatic?

Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

FULL ECSTASY! of Jesus Christ. - YouTube

We seem a little reluctant to talk about the ecstatic experience. Isn’t that just for mystics and weirdo’s?

It’s not just for kooks.

  • Doesn’t Jesus just rock our world?
  • Are we out of our mind at what Jesus is doing?
  • Are we crazy in love with Jesus?
  • Are we stunned at His beauty and brilliance?

Ecstasy in response to Jesus the Messiah: The Greek word “ecstasy” (ἔκστασις, ekstasis) means “standing outside of” and refers to the experience of having the mind cut off from ordinary sense perceptions. These experiences are often referred to as mystical or ecstatic experiences. We read in Revelations about the Apostle John who had some stunning experiences. So did all the disciples. So can we.

Does Jesus amaze me? Am I stunned by His beauty and brilliance? Am I rejoicing greatly in the Holy Spirit? Here are some examples of “crazy love” experiences.

  • Luke…

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