I Believe

Reasoned Cases For Christ

My name is Bruce and I am just an ordinary Christian. This post is NOT addressed to my fellow Christians.
I am writing this post in the hope that someone who is not a Christian will come across it, read it and consider.

This is Easter Sunday but it’s not just another day. We all know that, but for far too many, some never stop to consider, what or why if fact, the reasoning is, behind this day, being the day that it is.

I’ve read over a good number of times what Jesus said, as recorded in the New Testament.
I’ve considered many times what Jesus did.
I’ve considered and studied the history of Israel and their Holy Scriptures.
I’ve evaluated the accuracy of Prophecies as articulated in the Bible.
I’ve evaluated the accuracy of the copies of the original texts of the Holy Scriptures.
I’ve looked at the…

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