This Double Quake

I love the Psalms

In this resurrection morning excerpt from “The Soldier Who Killed a King”, the centurion, Marcus Longinus is awakened by an earthquake and shortly thereafter a pounding commotion at his gate.

The gateposts must have shifted in the quake, and now the bar was jammed. Finally I jarred it free with a painful upward thrust with my open palms. A dozen men surged in. The guards from the tomb! They were breathless. Sweat dripped from them. Some collapsed on the ground. Others were doubled over and gasping for air.

They must have run the whole way from the tomb. But it was more than exhaustion that I saw written on their faces. I saw fear.

“What’s happened?” I called out to no one in particular.

Philip caught his breath, “There was a light. It came down.” He shook his head violently, then grabbed some more air, but he could not go…

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